Cherry Oil

(30 customer reviews)


Cherry Oil



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(30 customer reviews)

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“Orange cheese cherry oil

A blend of uk cheese and agent orange, this delightful full spectrum cherry coloured cannabis oil is a
pleasure to smoke. a great option indeed! Comes in a handy 5g glass vial.”

(30) reviews for Cherry Oil


30 reviews for Cherry Oil

  1. Maulad (verified owner)

    Just opened another cherry oil, still consistent in quality. Thank you Weed Hub for great quality control 👍

  2. Maulad (verified owner)

    I really suggest that everyone try this cherry oil! It’s great 👍

  3. Maulad (verified owner)

    I have gone through a few of these now and I have not been disappointed yet! Great job with this oil.

  4. Maulad (verified owner)

    Your cherry oil is the bomb….ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!! Great for daytime. Nice buzz, but still able to get things done ✅

  5. Bryan Morgan (verified owner)

    the staff at weed hub are great keep up the good work

  6. Maureen Ladouceur (verified owner)

    This stuff is absolutely amazing! So clean and smooth! You can still function but feel nicely relaxed.

  7. Steve Bertin (verified owner)

    My wife and i are chronic… we havent had cherry oil this good in years… it has great color and aroma… nice heady buzz… helps with chronic pain and depression/ anxiety…. koodos to the chef!!!!

  8. Jon Sanders (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Tastes great. Smokes like old school oil. 2 thumbs up!

  9. Jimmy Lachaine (verified owner)

    Comme dans temps

  10. Richard Fortier (verified owner)

    Excellent for vape or even spreads but it does the job!

  11. Alan Payne (verified owner)

    Good old style oil

  12. Deli107

    A little of this goes a long way…I would definetly re -order …

  13. Hellsknight69

    This is my favourite honey oil I have found anywhere. I’ve already ordered more.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  14. BlastyAss1972

    I have to say, this is one of my favs!! Gives a great buzz and some good laughs!

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  15. Benmow123

    Top shelf oil!

  16. editsabal

    used for cancer treatment, ideal indeed.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  17. Jaydub

    This stuff is great. I love the convenience of putting it in my ccell and not worrying about grinding flower and cleaning my vape device and all the other stuff. Simple and gives a nice head high for me. Not much of a body high. I’ll get a full indica strain next time for night time.

  18. ghickl221

    Very smooth, nice smoking compared to other similar products

  19. Mxgoertz

    Buying in bulk is cheaper. And this is a great value and a great product.

  20. Lion1

    Kicks you in the ass !! Awesome product !!

  21. Dest1018

    I use this to refill the vape cartridges I get off of here! Very nice high will be buying again!

  22. Susan

    I love this particular strain as the THC is negligible and the CBD is very strong. I take 2 drops at night and 1 before I leave for work in the morning.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  23. Louwy

    The best i have tried. Good taste good texture. Hit hard

  24. terilynn

    I am an experienced smoker and this stuff is strong. I use it as an edible and also I put it on the papers rolling a joint. Highly recommend

  25. Kevbob

    This is the best oil I have smoked for a very long time and I break it out only occasionally so my fin has lasted over a year.

  26. zohar

    “Has a little bit of a delay but has a kick. A small amount goes a long way. Not sure how long the amount will last but it seems like its a great value for the price.
    Be careful not to take too much the first time because it tends to last long.”

  27. JesseTratch

    Taken after workouts or before bed really seems to help with recovery. Even if you don’t get a nice long sleep it’s still feels like you wake up feeling more ready for the day.

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  28. Bugg34

    Love the high have. I have ordered this product a few times now and haven’t found anything like it

    Bottom line Yes, I would recommend to a friend
  29. Peter Qumaluk

    I love it!

  30. Kiana

    I would definitely recommend this as is it very good for managing pain and also alleviates stress.

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